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Get an Instant Drayage Quote for the Port of Oakland using our drayage calculator.

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Instantly calculate your drayage fees for the Port of Oakland with our easy-to-use calculator.

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Our logistics team swiftly verifies your pricing and ensures the availability of your container at the terminal.

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Upon receiving your delivery order, our team immediately reserves your spot on our schedule to ensure your container is promptly transported!

We have the capability to handle the transport of international cargo in containers, reefers, and flat-racks by rail, road, and sea. Our close proximity to rail, and sea ports allow us to accept nearly any type of goods via any method of shipping. 

Get an Instant Drayage Quote

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our drivers are TWIC/TSA certified, and have full access to the port of Oakland. We operate our own modern trucking fleet with GPS monitoring and electronic logging. We also have the ability to manage your specialized out-of-gauge loads that require permits and escorts.


Trucks & Drivers

Our own in-house trucking team with decades of intermodal exprience.


Containers Moved

Since 2017, we've moved tens of thousands of containers through the Port of Oakland.

2 Locations

West Coast & East Coast

Our companies service the Port of Oakland, and the Port of Miami/Everglades through our sister company Miami Container Trucking.