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Intermodal Container Trucking

Oakland Drayage

Modern drayage solutions for trucking FTL containers between Door, Shipper, Port and Rail in California and Nevada. We service the Port of Oakland.
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Intermodal Container Trucking

Oakland Container Trucking is a customs bonded trucking company providing intermodal drayage for the Port of Oakland and surrounding rail. We transport Dry and Reefer containers between the port, rail, door and shipper throughout California and Nevada. 

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In-House Drivers & Dispatchers

Oakland Container Trucking employs our own fleet of trucks and drivers, rigorous vetting processes, and an experienced in-house dispatch team to secure the best carrier for your load. Benefit from superior container visibility, minimize operational disruptions with effective accessorial management, and reduce delays. Enjoy real-time tracking for optimal efficiency.


Transloading Warehouse

We specialize in handling and transloading cargo in containers, reefers, flatracks, and box trucks. Along with providing trucking services for Oakland, we offer transloading services including drop loading and live loads.

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Stay up to date with what is new at the Port of Oakland, and learn more about our drayage, transloading and other services.

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