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Mar 1, 2024 9:37:00 AM

Shipping volume at the Port of Oakland has increased by 18% since February of this year. We expect Oakland volumes to continue to grow further, as the unions and terminals signed a labor agreement last month halting pervious port disruptions.

Our team provides reliable drayage, transloading and storage for all terminals in the Port of Oakland. We handle high-volume lanes, one-batch arrangements, and provide custom pricing for any type of cargo.

We are not a broker, we run our own fleet of trucks and drivers who are bonded and licensed.

Vessel Schedule

SSA - vessel schedule

TRAPAC - vessel schedule

Everport - vessel schedule

I’m available to rate you on your drayage, transloading and warehousing needs for the Port of Oakland. We also have our sister company in South Florida, Miami Container Trucking, which handles drayage and transloading for the Ports of Miami and Everglades.